Friday, January 21, 2011

Our association, the Rubanda Solidarity Development Association (RSDA) is located in the South-West of Uganda and started its work in 2002. In particular the RSDA operates in the Rubanda County located in the Kabale District. Since the beginning of 2005 we are an officially registered Community Based Organization (CBO).

Our CBO is fully involved in poverty and HIV/ AIDS eradication programmes. The communities where we operate are in fact seriously affected by chronic poverty accelerated by the effects of HIV/AIDS.
The Rubanda Solidarity Development Association (RSDA) currently runs 4 different projects, which should help to mitigate the main problems of the local people. The first two projects are focusing on supporting the women and the youth of the community for income generation activities such as poultry farming and mushroom growing activities. The third is an agriculture and food extension project and the fourth deal with children. In particular we have a special programme of day and boarding school called Child Education Support Programme for children of three and above years old who are in special needs since they lost their homes, parents or are in acute family social problems.